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Personal trainer

I guarantee results and the best experience.

This is a list of my current clients who could provide great feedback:

Linda Longood
Ada Rodriguez
Linda Raskind
Louise Chavez
Jeff VanDyke
Marcia Van Dyke
Irina Salaikana
Greg High
Esteban Bersosa
Scott Munoz

If you are starting for the first time or just returning, we together will get you mentally and physically in best shape of your life all while working hard and still having fun. My promise to you is that if you take the first step and reach out, I will design and track a very specific program considering your age, health and specific goals that will not only get your body stronger but will directly impact in a positive way everything you do in life. I know you can do it. Now it’s time for you to believe.

What the mind believes the body achieves.

If you don’t know me, I have been a successful personal trainer for over 20 years and have lived in Cuenca just about 3. I have been involved in athletics all my life. A quick list is as follows: baseball 12 years (beginning as a high school freshman I was offered scholarships from many Division 1 schools including Duke University also was named J.U.C.O all American, played football for 10 years, freestyle wrestler for 11, trained in boxing and various forms of MMA.

Here’s how it works with me: You can either train 3 days per week (Monday-Wednesday-Friday) or 2 days per week (Tuesday-Thursday). I train my clients in El Centro at Fortsa Gym on Sucre y Vargas Machuca . I am one of a very limited number of certified trainers here and I only charge $10 per session for the first month and only go to $12 after that. will use body weight training, sliders, kettlebell, dumbbell theraband, boxing, HIT or tabatha (both interval type training), and all the gym equipment available

Cuenca, Ecuador.