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Natural healing support group

Connect with like-minded people facing cancer or another health challenge. Would you like to help others through learning non-toxic and natural strategies?

We provide education and life-giving information to heal strong and stay strong.

Empowered by:

Focus: food, detoxification, supplements, exercise, meditation, emotions, faith in God. We try to prevent diseases, complement treatments and healing strong. Group’s leader is a cancer survivor through natural non-toxic strategies.

Absolutely no goods or services are sold at these meetings. Participation in this group is FREE. Not necessarily cumulative. We are an independent group of volunteers empowered by HealingStrong curriculum and resources. Please consult your healthcare provider for diagnosis, medical advice or treatment.

Wednesday, June 19th, 2019 (2nd meeting, biweekly). From 10:30 AM to noon, Free, ICC-International Christian Community: Nicanor Aguilar con Av. Solano, Cuenca.

Soledad Parra: 098 068 9372. Call after: 9 AM.