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Is this legal?

Recently I have seen long time bank desk employees who were obviously quite ill at work. When I suggested they go home to bed and get well, they replied their supervisors or branch managers would not allow them to do so.

Not only is this harmful to the employee but customers/clients as well, especially in the small offices they occupy. One told me theirs was a throat problem and it hurt to speak. They were taking medicine often. I felt badly asking questions that required that but I had gone to a lot of trouble and expense to get there to take care of very important business with deadlines, and did know when I might be able to return.

The other extended a hand (both were very gracious in spite of their illnesses) I hesitated to grab that likely had viruses or bacteria on it. I felt badly for each. When I expressed my feelings for this poor treatment of employees and customers, one of them said (both Cuencanos), "Only in Ecuador."

I had understood employees have strong rights here and wonder if indeed forcing ill employees to work is legal. Is there no sick leave here?