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Introducing Mister Frankie for adoption

Four or five years ago, a little kitten, eventually named Frankie, was rescued while wandering the Auto Pista. Since then, Frankie has been living in harmony for years with the family who rescued him. The family had two cats, a male and a female. Everything was fine for years and then Frankie began harassing the 13-year old female on a regular basis. Recently, Frankie pounced on the female causing her to urinate out of fear and then she spent two days under covers on the bed. The harassment appears to be escalating, thus seriously impacting the quality of life of the blameless female. This dominating behavior is seen with some cats. It's like a totem pole of power.

Frankie should probably be an only cat. He's a beautiful kitty with many outstanding characteristics. He is a short hair with a luxurious grey/silver coat and a mesmerizing marble pattern. Frankie has a very communicative tail. Watch it go. He has the most endearing little meow (peep peep ). Frankie is a love bug, so tender, and he'll make a fabulous companion.

Mister Frankie loves all people. He is a gentle lap cat and he loves to play and will amuse you to no end as he zooms around the house! This is quality entertainment, folks. Frankie loves to cuddle in bed with his owner. Respectful older kids will do fine with Frankie.

Frankie has stellar litter box habits.

He is very good using the scratching post and has never damaged any household furniture.

He has garden access and will sit in the window sill to watch the world go by.

He likes to gently love-nibble on fingers and hands and has no history of intentional bites or scratches.

He loves to have the end of his nose massaged.

Frankie is very healthy and has a robust appetite, He is neutered. His claws are intact and he has no fleas. I recommend that vaccinations and check-ups, along with flea protection be given on a regular basis with a Veterinarian of your choice. If you need help finding a great Vet, please reach out.

Frankie comes with a dazzling cornucopia of food, toys, bedding, and a scratching post. I, however, recommend a much taller scratching post.

Does Frankie sound like the cat for you? Are you ready to bring Frankie in your heart and home?

To meet Mr. Frankie, please contact us.

Jo Austin: .

City: Cuenca