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Forming a Success Team (no cost)

Back in the States I was in something called a Success Team. A Success Team is a term coined by Barbara Sher who wrote books telling you how you could re-imagine your future. She also did workshops helping people realize their goals. I was newly divorced, working hard as a programmer and feeling very alone. My Success Team was such a life-line to me. The group of people come together to meet, discuss goals, plan strategies and support each other in our efforts to reach our goals. Your goal could be anything from completely changing your job, as I did going from an office employee to a person who owned their own business successfully for a good ten years, learning an instrument, writing a book, getting healthier or whatever you want. We even had one person whose goal was to find her goal, which she did. As long as it’s an actual goal its good enough. 

The group met once a week, in the previous week everyone said what they intended to do as a step towards their goal, so in the meeting we discuss how it went. No one is perfect, sometimes we couldn’t fit in our plan. Just knowing, however, that you’ve told people you were going to do something makes you want to do it. We all want our pat on the head.

My team had ten women (you don’t have to be a woman) and we worked together for a year. We were a success. I can tell you more if you are interested. My email address is accessgoddess at gmail.

Btw, this is free. I’m not a counselor or a psychiatrist. It’s a group activity and very democratic. I think the first meeting will be at the Sunrise Cafe. You can also facebook me. It’s Suzie Burlison.


I don't have a day in mind yet. I was going to poll people and see what was easiest, free, Calle Larga 938, Cuenca.

JoAnne Susan Burlison: