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Festival Tribalhood, 2019

Hi everybody, this year “Tribalhood” will take place on June 22nd and 23rd.
Our international guest will be Carolina Rosales from Chile. She will be teaching 12 hours of Indian dance styles, history about this and how to make some props for costumes.

It's open to everyone, so you can join us.

The topics of the workshop will be:

Introduction to Kalbelia (4 Hours): Kalbelia is the name of the tribe of gypsies of India, who live in the desert of Rajasthan. Its traditional dance carries the same name, and is characterized by imitating the sinuous movements of the cobras enchanted by the sound of their flutes. It is a joyous dance, strong, mystical, hypnotic, colorful and flirtatious.

This introductory workshop begins with a progressive activation work through yoga and different dance techniques, to then perform warm-up exercises, strengthening and elongation of the main muscle groups to work during the session. The class ends with a progressive stretching through yoga and self-massage exercises.

- Contemporary Indian Fusion (4 hours):
Fluidity, air and softness of contemporary dance ...
Firmness, earth and precision of Indian dances ...
Elegance of belly dancing ...
In this workshop we will let the energy flow through our body, through the language of Indian dances, belly dance and contemporary dance.
We will use beautiful ornaments of the classical dances of India, integrating them in versatile and fluid choreographic phrases, accentuating them with stagings of the belly dance.

- Costume Workshop:
* First module: "Costume Tips" (2 hours):
- Respect and cultural admiration: where do our tribal jewels come from?
- Inspirations: choose an idea and develop your creative process.
- Select the appropriate materials.
- Cutting and basic clothing for tribal (we will focus mainly on how to firm a bodice, and how to cut a belt and what fabrics to choose from).
- Tips: what materials to use so that the embroidery that took so long to put in my wardrobe does not disarm, aging shiny metal pieces to give them an older finish, how to make cascades of beads.
- How to care for and store our costumes.

** Second module: "Tribal medallions" (2 hours):
The tribal style takes advantage of different ethnic and contemporary inspirations to achieve an enigmatic, eclectic and sophisticated look, and a key element since its inception has been the use of Kuchi medallions of beads to highlight the movements of the hips.
Original pieces of tribes from Afghanistan and Pakistan are usually used, with beautiful combinations of primary colors adorning belts (sashes, sashes), headdresses and even bodices.

In this workshop, we will work on the following:
- Essential materials.
- Embroidery technique so that the beads look even and firm.
- Figures and designs that give originality to the final piece.
- Details to complete the costume.

This workshop includes the basic materials, but if you have your own threads, beads and needles you can bring them.

The 12 Hours of workshops will be $140. ($50 per Workshop)

Hafla V.I.P
A hafla is a party! 'Hafla' is an Arabic word and has multiple meanings: party, celebration, and/or concert.

Our dance studio and friend with our main guest Carolina Rosales, we will perform and share our dance style with a selected audience.

The workshops and “Hafla” are for all audiences and will take place in "The Castle" Restaurant and event house.

Av. 3 de Noviembre close to the broken bridge. June 22nd and 23rd from 9 AM to 5 PM

Julio Orellana: 098 487 7149