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Why you aren't fluent in Spanish yet and what you can do about it

So you've been learning Spanish for a while but still find yourself struggling to hold common conversations, or even start them. Don't worry, this is quite common and it's not your fault. It's your approach.

Unfortunately, too many language schools and teachers are stuck in the old way of teaching. I have tried traditional teaching and learning methods myself, on more than one occasion and unfortunately, I haven't found them to be effective... at least not if your goal is to communicate verbally in Spanish. This is why I created my Spanish to Fluency program.

I hear of this all too often and was tired of watching people get frustrated, wasting their time and money on courses that don't get them the results they're looking for (just like I did years ago).

Sure, you may learn some vocabulary and grammar rules with traditional teaching methods, but unfortunately you won't be able to use it in conversation. This is because they are taught through abstract, instructional methods, rather than a "hands on" approach. A language is not a subject you can study, it is a skill to acquire.

You have to experiment with it directly, interact with the language, in order to be able to use it successfully. It's much like riding a bike or learning to swim -  it doesn't matter how much theory you study, you won't actually know how to do it until you get on that bike and give it a try (and probably fall over a couple of times first).

My program connects you with native speakers so that you can practice speaking in a safe environment. We also cover how you can apply the latest neuroscience (the science of the brain and how it works) discoveries to the learning process, in order to facilitate your progress and accelerate your results.

If you'd like to learn more, please schedule a strategy session call with me at to see if we'd be a good fit.

Canoa, Ecuador.