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Tranvia pedestrian crossings

Anyone know what happened to the Tranvia testing? Haven't seen it in days. If they want people to be aware of it, perhaps it should run on a regular basis.

I just want to warn anyone that tries to cross Las Americas just above SuperMaxi about the pedestrian crossing light. I just moved from Gringolandia to a location closer to el Centro and needed to cross there. Crossing toward SuperMaxi is a struggle to get across in time. However, going east, it is downright dangerous if you in fact think that the green walking light signifies that to cross is safe. The light to walk turns green but cars are still coming from 100 yards to the left. I almost stepped in front of several yesterday knowing that the light barely gives enough time as it is. By the time I got to the Island in the middle it had changed to red and I was stuck there till the next change. I am curious as to how many other locations are like this?

Just sayin’,

Bruce Cook:

City: Cuenca