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Transformative skin care

See and feel the difference with the Melody of Plants premium skin care with 100% natural ingredients. Dedicated to the health and beauty of the skin, we use an extensive array of in-house made extracts, essential oils, botanically derived cold pressed oils and minerals directly extracted from selected ores, so they can all synergetically work with your skin. Everything is made in small batches to ensure that you receive your products as fresh as possible.

Our selected skin care for this week:

-Zinc oxide ointment: provides essential care for sensitive and acne prone skin. Formulated with intelligent ingredients helping to instantly soothe sensation of discomfort, irritation, tingling or itching skin.
Main ingredients: acacia extract, eucalyptus extract, shea butter, natural zinc oxide, coconut oil

-Eye and facial cream: is specifically formulated to reduce appearance of circulatory dark circles and eye puffiness.
Main ingredients: Indian green tea, guayusa extract, acacia extract, eucalyptus extract, shea butter, coconut oil

-Body wash: ideal for heavy legs, water cellulite, muscle and inflammatory pain. A therapeutic body wash that balances hydrostatic pressures, improves venous circulation and offers calming sensation.
Main ingredients: complex of essential oils-lavender, rosemary, frankincense and lemon cypress, buriti oil, shea butter

For more information and full list of products please contact us on WhatsApp or via e-mail.

Home deliveries all over Cuenca. Every day from 9:30 AM to 4 PM

Stella: 098 164 5922