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The right and appropriate information about visas in Ecuador

Permanent visas.
Apply now. Information: Are you still confused with the information received about the application of permanent resident Visa? You don't need to go to any meeting to know the correct information about the Permanent Visa Application process. Monica Gonzaga gives you here and now and any doubt you have I will always have the correct information. Just contact me.

*For the application for a permanent residence visa, based on the provisions of Article 63 of the Organic Law of Human Mobility (LOMH), the foreigner must accomplish with at least one of the following conditions:
1.- Complete at least twenty-one months as a temporary resident and submit the corresponding application prior to the expiration of the migratory status held;

This is very important information in General; this means that at the 21st months after having obtained your Visa as a temporal resident you can now submit the new application for the Permanent Visa.

Next I will put the other factors by which the Permanent Visa can also be obtained:

2.- getting marriage or have a Civil Union with an Ecuadorian or foreign person with permanent residence;
3.- Be a foreigner under age or person with a disability, who depends on an Ecuadorian person or a foreigner who has permanent residence;
4.- Be a relative within the second degree of consanguinity or affinity of an Ecuadorian citizen or a foreign citizen with permanent residence in Ecuador.
It is very common that in Azogues you are asked for requirements that are not attached to the Law and therefore make a problem when you are applying for the Temporal Visa of residency or Permanent, and that is the problem that all foreigners have when trying to make their visa on their own.

I always urge all clients to file a formal complaint to change the way Azogues is working and manages the different Visas situations because the laws are not followed in the Ministry of Azogues.
That is why we have confusing situations like registering a foreign Marriage on the Registro Civil in Ecuador in order to make it valid or having to present an apostilled certificate in the case of pensioners with the exact amount and that is corroborated with the bank statements (It is wrong to ask for this in this type of Permanent Visa. It does not need this requirement according to the law.)

The law clearly states the visa category ceases to be a main requirement since they are granted a permanent visa, after completing the period of 21 months of temporary residence, which entitles them to obtain a permanent visa abroad, but the law is always incorrectly interpreted according to the way the agent in charge wants, and thus thousands of requirements according to the case as for example are: SRI Taxes, or RUC, Business taxes or permits from municipality, bank investments, Cd, etc.
Temporal Visa Application:

The requirements are very easy to obtain for the Temporary Residence Visa.Here I leave the link so you can see what type of Visa you can Apply for


-Of course, the main base on which your visa will be issued
(for example if you are a Pensioner The letter and apostille with the pension you are receiving)
-request an appointment:;
-Visa Application Form
-Extension of current tourism, original and copy (only if apply)
-Present a passport with a minimum validity of 90 days (original and copy of the photo page of the main page of your passport , immigration stamp of entry into the country).
-Migratory movement issued by the Ministry of the Interior, with a minimum validity of thirty days from the date of issue.
- Provide proof of money that allows the subsistence of the applicant and his dependent family group.
Cost: Application Form $50 + Regular Value of the Visa: $400

It looks very easy to simply follow these steps and obtain the visa but you always will need a representative who does the work well if not this can turn badly.
I can assist you very well on this, 4 years of experience and many recommendations Talk for me.
Even in the most difficult cases Monica Gonzaga gets your Visa. I make it happen.

My best to all.

Monica Gonzaga:
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