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South African cuisine

We offer delicious homemade South African cuisine delivered to your door. We have added weekend meals as well. Check out the delicious Sunday meal served with a baked pudding.
I will need 24 hr notice for orders and food will be delivered as per time arranged with you.

OK so the price list is as follows and most of these items can be frozen:

Full portion can feed 4 to 6 people
Half portion can feed 2 to 4 people


Bobotie (curry mince baked with egg custard topping) served with yellow rice
$20 full and $10 half

Vetkoek (fried bread similar to a donut) with curry mince filling
$20 for 8 or
$12 for 8 without the curry filling

Various stews (Green bean, oxtail, tomato, curry) served with white rice
Starting at $25 full and $15 half

Pumpkin fritters with cinnamon sugar (side dish)
$8 for 12

Pumpkin pie (side dish)

Tomato soup (thick and delicious) with homemade bread
$20 for 2L plus 1x white bread

Homemade sweet and sticky baked beans (side dish)

Chicken pie with flaky crust and green salad

Steak pie with flaky crust and green salad

Quiche with green salad

Baked Sago pudding (similar to a rice pudding but better)

Baked malva pudding (sticky and sweet)

Bryani (rice and chicken dish with curry flavors) with tomato, onion and chili sambal

$20 full or $10 half

Saturday meal:

Barbeque chicken wings with rustic potato fries
Lasagna with salad
Mince pasta bake with salad
$10 for 2 people

Sunday lunch:

Chicken pie, roasted potatoes, sweet pumpkin, baked broccoli /cauliflower dish, green beans

Baked dessert or fridge tart

$10 for 2 people

Pumayunga sector. Anytime.

Ronel Blignaut:  096 170 5934 Whatsapp only