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Respectful Childbirth Week - What is that?

As you may know, Ecuador is one of 15 countries globally to have the highest rates of cesarean birth – with nearly half of the Ecuadorian population (45.5%) being born via cesarean. (as cited from the world- wide medical investigation led by Lancet).

While cesareans are a vital and indispensable medical intervention that saves lives and they should be available to all women, cesareans are an extremely invasive medical procedure that affects the health of both mother and child. As stated by the World Health Organization, only 10- 15% of pregnancies are sited as requiring cesarean medical intervention.

Cesarean births are on the rise due to many factors, and during International Week of Respected Childbirth, Mírame, a new initiative in Cuenca leading women's empowerment, aims to help women reclaim pregnancy and childbirth as a natural, ancestral process (not a medical illness) and to be aware of their rights to decide:

-  how to birth (standing, squatting; consuming foods or liquids, etc.)
-  who is present with them at childbirth (husband, mother, doulas, etc.)
-  how their baby should be treated in the first moments of life (skin- to- skin contact, immediate breastfeeding, when to cut the umbilical cord, etc.)

During International Week of Respected Childbirth, Mírame will be supporting the following activities–all free and open to the public, thanks to donor support:

-  Inauguration of the mural, “Bosque de la Vida” (Forest of Life) on display in Museo Pumapungo’s public library in Cuenca, Ecuador. (Commissioned by a volunteer coalition of Ecuadorian artists, this piece is made from the imprints of hundreds of naturally delivered placentas. “Bosque de la Vida” is a powerful, one- of- a- kind piece of art that Mírame is proud to sponsor).

-  Informative dialogue circle led by EPEN to educate women and their families about their rights during childbirth.

-  Women’s dialogue circle led by EPEN to explore and discuss the transformational experience of natural childbirth.

-  Open panel discussion led by certified medical professionals regarding the importance of natural, respected birth for maternal and infant health, and how families and medical professionals can use their influence to change birthing practices in Ecuador.

-  Peaceful demonstration near Hospital Vicente Corral Moscoso to pass out informative fliers about natural childbirth and display public support for women’s childbirth rights.

For more information about the time/place of these events please feel free to send me an email, or to find Mirame on Facebook with the address: @mirame.vivir

All activities are free and open to the public.

Cuenca. May 13-18th, 2019

Colleen Eschenburg: 099 539 5295