GringoPost | Ecuador: Older adult strength training with Bob Kezer #1: What’s older?

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Older adult strength training with Bob Kezer #1: What’s older?

So, what exactly is an older adult?

That depends on your perspective. For example:

1)         Each of you have your own idea of who’s an older adult.
2)         All cultures make meaning of the word that they impose on the group.
3)         And the institutions framing our social systems often dictate an age to define us as old.

But the understanding of age from a biological point of view is the most important if we want to influence the actual process of becoming old.

In other words, there are at least 10 markers that determine a person’s biological age regardless of their time on planet.

1.         Muscle mass
2.         Strength
3.         Basal metabolic rate
4.         Body fat percentage
5.         Aerobic capacity
6.         Blood-sugar tolerance
7.         Cholesterol/HDL ration
8.         Blood pressure
9.         Bone density
10.       Regulating internal temperature

And proper progressive strength training has a positive effect on every marker.

So, not only can a person aged 70 with high quality muscle mass be biologically younger than someone 40 who has been sedentary most of their life…

…but a person who is biologically “old” because they have not maintained their muscle mass can reverse that process though proper strength training, and in many respects, de-age their body.

And that’s exciting.

Most, or in some cases all, of the lean tissue (i.e., muscle, bone, and organs) that a person has lost over the last 10 – 40 years of inactivity can be regained.

And along with that lean tissue comes the physical capacity and protection from injury the person enjoyed when younger.

But for this to happen your exercise has to be effective, efficient, and progressive without injuring you.

We are not talking about aerobics, group classes, sports related training, or the latest exercise fad to fall off the industry papaya-wagon.

Instead, done correctly we can accomplish these goals in 2-3 sessions a week of 20 – 40 minutes each.

Follow along each week and we’ll discuss further how to regain muscle we’ve lost over the years.

Contact me and I’ll send the information directly to you.

Gimnasio Fitness Club
Galáapagos 2-37 between Guayas y Remigio Tamariz

Gimnasio Fitness Club Galáapagos 2-37 between Guayas y Remigio Tamariz.

Bob Kezer:  099 447 0229