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Need a new bank, help!

I have been banking at mal banco (Name to be revealed once I get all of my money out of there and into a different bank). I am not looking for a local credit union like JEP. I may know this may be an impossible request, but is there a bank that actually likes gringos, speaks English, if you have assets in the US they will be willing to give you a credit card, even if a certificate of deposit at the Cuenca bank is required, that has a reasonable interest rate?

My current mal bank online banking has never worked. Need bank that doing International transfers are straight forward (eliminating JEP and other credit unions). I don't think that these are all outrageous requests, but I've only been here 11 months so my expectations have not been completely worn down. I have to get out of this gringo hating bank. Maybe they don't like all customers.

Philip Hall