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Learn how to have fluid, effective conversations in Spanish

The main problem people come to me is the inability to hold a solid conversation in Spanish. I've been there before myself. I learned Spanish for three years in high school and then I took a 30-day intensive course in Costa Rica (30 hrs/week) yet after all of this time and hard work, I still was not able to have a conversation in Spanish.

Later, after living in Latin America for a couple of years and trying a number of different methods, I finally accomplished my dream of becoming fluent in Spanish. I loved the language so much that I then became a certified teacher and began teaching it to tourists and expats in the area. However, soon enough I realized that I was using the same traditional teaching method that hadn't worked for me, when I was a student in high school and in Costa Rica.

No wonder why my students weren't getting the results they were looking for - to speak Spanish fluently - not to master the grammar or to learn to read and write. With this discovery I felt out of alignment and as helping my students achieve the results they're looking for is my main priority, I stopped teaching for a year and began investigating new, more effective methods that would actually help my students achieve their goals of fluency.

I did a lot of research on neuroscience (how the brain works), talked to polyglots (people who speak multiple languages fluently) and reflected on my own experience with the language. Finally, I began to understand why the traditional teaching methods do not help people become conversational in Spanish and what really is needed to achieve this.

This is when I created my Spanish to Fluency program which I now use to help English speakers become fluent in Spanish through neuro-language coaching and conversation practice with native speakers.

In this program I show you how to create an ideal learning environment that allows your brain's natural learning processes to flow and develop without resistance (unlike traditional teaching methods) and I also connect you with native speakers from Latin America, so that you can get a "hands on" experience, which is necessary for learning to speak the language.

My students are experiencing amazing results and the best part is they're having fun doing it! Michael for example, went from being too shy to speak Spanish even after living in Lima, Peru for over a year, to now confidently starting small talk with strangers and having deeper and more meaningful conversations with his Spanish speaking friends. Before he started the program he was able to say some basic things, the necessary to "get by" but would freeze up and revert back to English whenever a conversation became more complex than that.

By the end of the program he was able to hold 30 minute naturally flowing conversations about a number of different topics. He says he is finally able to express his true self in Spanish, and is no longer being called "shy" by his friends at this local gym.

If you already have some experience learning Spanish but still can't hold a conversation or don't even have the confidence to speak it, this program is for you. My program is designed with the sole purpose of helping you build the confidence and gain the knowledge you need in order to have fluid, coherent conversations on any topic.

This is an online program that can be done from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a stable internet connection. We offer flexible schedules.

If you'd like to finally start speaking the beautiful Spanish language with ease and confidence, visit my website at and schedule a strategy session call with me to discuss things further and see if we'd be a good fit!

Canoa, Ecuador.