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Fun, goofy, sweet Lab mix, 7-months old seeking new person with comfy home

Nicknamed "Munchkin" because he was the runt of the litter. He was neutered about a month ago.

Munchkin is from a neighbor's litter of 5 puppies, 2 of which we adopted but unexpectedly ended up having to take all 5 of them.

Thankfully 2 of the puppies were adopted quickly and have a wonderful home.

We live out in the countryside and are working on setting up a small farm with dairy livestock (cows and goats) but live about 10 minutes from the property in a rental house which is not big enough for so many dogs...

Two dogs for protecting the farm and livestock is plenty so we still need to find a home for the third puppy.

Of these 3 puppies, Munchkin was the easiest to leash train, train to sit and come, and is more low-key than the other two.

But he isn't outdoor tough like the 2 we adopted for life out on the farm. He really prefers the comforts of home.

Munchkin needs "his person" to provide a comfy home and if there's a bit of a back yard, that would be a bonus.

His personality is very fun and he's a bit of a "talker", expressing his happiness or excitement.

When he gets to run he has a very entertaining goofy way of running where he lowers himself a bit and his legs seem to go in all directions at once while he runs around.

I'm pretty sure he's close to his full-grown size, he's grown into his paws, so he should stay on the small side of medium size.

Munchkin will provide his new person with an enjoyable companion for daily walks, affection, and entertainment.

Soraya: 099 702 1044. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca