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Do you want to speak Spanish fluently?

Unfortunately, if you want to speak Spanish fluently, studying grammar rules and vocabulary in an isolated way (such as with textbooks or memorizing techniques) won't do the trick. In order to be able to use the language efficiently and understand what is being said to you, you must learn through contextual exposure.

I have developed a 12-week online program that is designed with the sole purpose of helping people to develop the ability to speak naturally and effectively. No textbooks are used, no boring grammar or vocabulary exercises. Instead, we help you learn through consistent exposure to Spanish through context, as well as direct interaction with the language - real conversations with native speakers.

Not only will you learn the right strategies to use and begin applying them immediately with our support and guidance, but you will also learn about how the brain works so that you can help guide it along the natural learning processes, to facilitate and accelerate results.

Don't waste another minute or dollar on traditional teaching methods that simply do not get results, when it comes to actually speaking the language. If you've already learned the basics but struggle to hold a conversation, this is the program for you. Our schedules are flexible and you can learn from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a stable internet connection.

Visit my website at for more information and to schedule a strategy session call so that we can discuss things further to see if we're a good fit.

Canoa, Ecuador.