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Bodhi Burgers, report 27

Its official, we will be open for breakfast 7 days a week from 7:30 till all day long which is till 11 PM Mon - Sat and till 9 PM Sunday. We will start breakfasts this Saturday the 11th of May. Which coincidentally is the 5-year anniversary of our arrival in Ecuador. Specialty of the house is of course our 125-year old Sourdough Starter with which we make the best pancakes and waffles you will likely have ever had. Many of you have already eaten them at the Sunday brunch we held at our Hacienda, "La Casa Blanca" 2nd Sunday of every month in 2015 and 2016. Those that haven't yet tried them owe it to yourself to come see the difference that a heirloom Sourdough starter makes. Ours arrived in Alaska in 1897. I am the 4th owner since 1897.

Try one for just $1.50 and two of them for $2.50 and all you can eat for just $3.50 We are also making French toast with a magnificent artisanal locally sourced bread which will also follow the same pricing at $1.50 for one piece $2.50 for two pieces and $3.50 for all you can eat. Plus breakfast sandwiches with bacon or country sausage, egg on an English muffin for just $3.25. Not to mention a killer, thick cut bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich with our house made Olive oil mayonnaise for just $4.50, not to mention our regular American style breakfast with 2 eggs, toasted English muffin and hash browns for just $3.50. A side of our thick cut bacon is $2 as is a side of the Sausage. Plus an amazing breakfast burrito option with either steak and eggs and onions and peppers or hamburger with egg and tomato and onions for $5.

Lastly, I finally decided the perfect dessert to go with all of our food is apple pie with will go perfectly with our vanilla ice cream and will be cooked individually upon demand. Sounds hard to believe I know but we have a plan. This may be a week or two out but I am just trying to get you thinking about what a hot fresh apple pie with our homemade vanilla ice cream would be like. Why apple pie? Well you probably remember the old saying, as American as mom and apple pie!

Come enjoy breakfast inside or on our lovely deck with a view of the Caja mountains. Plus a fantastic selection of music from the US and England spanning 1920 to 2019 for a 100 year look at our musical contribution to the world. We take requests too, turn it up, turn it down, 1940's big band please or whatever you like to eat to musically.

Lastly, OK I know I already said lastly but this really is lastly for today. FYI, we have had such a positive response to the Philly cheese steaks, including multiple repeat visits from a number of former Philly residents that I can say, we really got something good going with our Philly cheese steaks. In fact we have had several days were the Philly cheese steak was our number one selling item.

11th May, 7:30 AM, Mariscal Sucre 17-80 at 3 de Noviembre 4-5 blocks before plaza San Sebastien

Bodhi Burgers: 095 906 0381