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Transforming the life of a child (Part 2)

Our last post might have left you asking, what happened to D.T.? If you didn't catch part one of the story, please scroll down and read it before you continue.

D.T. found a home away from home in FundacĂ­on El Arenal and began attending a daily after-school program where, for the first time she could remember, D.T. had guidance and support.

D.T.'s world changed. She connected with other children her age, had tutoring and homework help, and received free, professional therapy to overcome anorexia and self-doubt. D.T. found a place where she felt she belonged and grew into a mature, confident young woman.

Now at 15, D.T. wears her responsibilities and maturity with pride, and serves her school as a student officer and receives high honors.

None of this would be possible without supporters like you. For just $1.67/day, you can make a difference in the lives of children, like D.T.

Become 1 of the 10 $50 monthly champions we need to support children living at the margins of society. Your monthly contribution can help raise the $500/month needed to give 300 vulnerable Ecuadorian children daily access to love, security and belonging.

Become a champion for a child, like D.T., who is counting on your help. Donate at the global giving org website. Search for "Giving Smiles Has Never Been Easier" a campaign of Hearts of Gold.


Transforming the life of child (Part 1)

At 12-years old, D.T. spent her mornings alone, preparing breakfast and helping her siblings get ready for school. In the evenings, D.T.’s mother left to pluck chickens from sundown until morning, leaving D.T. in charge.

D.T. became crippled with doubt and poor self-image, and was overcome with loneliness and responsibility. Her young body whittled down from anorexia, openly showing to the world a deep loss of self-love.

Thank you!


Amy Montiel: