GringoPost | Ecuador: Tienda Nectar will be open Good Friday

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Tienda Nectar will be open Good Friday

We will be open this Friday, Good Friday, our normal hours. We will have some special items
hitting the shelves for the first time as well.

Prill Beads-- a form of magnesium that is said to make water....better. Place these tiny beads in
water to increase ph and improve the drinkability of water.

Shungite---a "rock" found only in parts of Russia that is said to purify water and provide protection
against EMF's

Countless studies have been done by the pharmaceutical "industry" to support health claims for the efficacy of high profit drugs. We know of no such studies on the above items. Do your own research and make your own decisions.
These items are available in limited quantity for a limited time only. We know this won't make up for the loss of a loved one, but give it 3 days and see how you feel.

Also, ask about massage and juicing specials.

Monday thru Friday, 10 to 5 and sat 8 to 10 AM, benigno Malo12-27y Gaspar Sangurima