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Personal trainer - certified

Are you ready to take the first step on a journey that will bring strength to your body and clarity to your mind. Let me start by saying if you consider myself or another certified trainer "congratulations." Most people never even make it to that point. The fact that you would consider seeking expert advice to improve your physical self through hard work is a testament to your willingness to make yourself better.

Remember, this journey has no final destination. We don't stop when we find a treasure chest at the end of a rainbow. Rather, every river crossed and every mountain conquered shall bring you a new reward, ones that can only be truly appreciated by those who've earned them. There are three treasures that you will find almost immediately, and that will grow in power every day you maintain this journey with me: resistance to illness, sustained energy and a love of life that can only come from the natural rush of endorphins blasting your body with every beat of your pounding heart.

Now, let's be honest. I cannot promise you overnight success. I shall not promise a supermodel's body by popping a pill. I will not promise you an easy path to six-pack abs for three easy payments of $19.99. If you are looking for short-term, injury-prone, metabolism wrecking, energy crashing methods, please look elsewhere. This journey is all about getting lean and fit and enjoying a very high quality of life, and this takes time and energy and effort.

Maintaining fitness means that this is not a journey that you can ever complete: There's no stop, no finish, no end. For even when you've collected a trove of treasures, you will have to continue your journey in order to maintain your results.

I want to be your personal trainer, your fitness coach, your health counselor, your exercise teacher -- in actuality, I am your guide on this journey. If you follow me, if you trust in me, if you stay consistent and give me your personal best, then you shall reap the rewards of life.

Cuenca, Ecuador.