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Free Thai Massage, relax and rejuvenate

Book a room at the Live the Life Lodge and Health Center this Semana Santa and receive free half hour of Thai massage from our amazing masseuse. A comfortable space to get in touch with nature, large areas of relaxation, all make a perfect day of rejuvenation. Everyone is invited. Contact us now before reservations are full.

Benefits of Thai Massage:

Improve posture
Stretches the muscles and mobilizes the spine
Tones the nervous system activates the lymphatic system
Increases the flexibility of the muscles
Strengthens ligaments and tendons
prevents musculoskeletal injuries
Improves blood supply
Regulates moods
Strengthens the immune system
Decreases stress, providing relaxation
Decreases insomnia, anxiety and fatigue
Improves respiratory capacity increase energy

Km 54.82 Giron Passage, Lentag, Ecuador. April 21st

Joana Garcia: 097 897 5134