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CCNations, school of languages. "We love our experience..." !

Spanish courses
• Immersion Spanish courses (six to eight hours a day)
• Intensive Spanish courses (four to six hours a day)
• Regular Spanish courses (three to nine hours a week)

Courses for specific purposes
• Spanish courses to be prepared for Ecuadorian Citizenship Test.
• Spanish courses to be prepared for Driver’s license test

Online courses
All courses are also given online!!!
Accommodation (room and board)
Accommodation with or without meals is also available for those participants who live out of town, in another city in Ecuador or abroad.

We give classes Monday through Thursday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. Friday and Saturday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. You pick the days and hours that fit you best!
Some comments made by our students
“We love our experience and look forward to each week's class that is opening up a whole new world for us."
"Creative and knowledgeable Spanish instructors who have a unique approach of giving you the Spanish skills you can apply immediately in everyday life."
"In just a few short weeks, most of us have learned and retained more than other classes and online teaching..."
"Don't miss out on improving your Spanish with these teachers...."

18 years of experience teaching languages
We believe languages lessons are meant to be dynamic, entertaining, and very meaningful! That’s why our Spanish classes are tailor-made to your needs and interests! (e.g. going shopping, to the bank, to the market, to the doctor's office, preparing for the test for your Ecuadorian citizenship (updated material), driver's license, finding a good place to live in, finding a reliable maid, you name it!). In every lesson, we work and develop your five language skills, listening, speaking, reading, writing and creativity.

Contact us
Email us today and book your Spanish diagnostic test to get started in any of our Spanish courses!
The sooner the better.

Mariscal Lamar 16-63 and Miguel Heredia.

Antonio & Misael: 097 916 1784 / 099 841 0889