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Bustin' nutrition myths and having some fun

In our second class in the four-part series on Living Healthfully here in Cuenca, we spoke about diet fads and fallacies. The takeaway is that all diets "work" for weight loss if you stick to them. But at what price? Some are extreme, eliminating entire food groups, some don't pass the "Too Test" - too few calories, too little balance, "guaranteed" to be too easy. What's the best one?

Our next class is on Wednesday April 24, at 4:30 PM, at The Castle. Ever wonder why some people seem to be able to "eat anything they want" and not gain weight? Is there a 'secret' you need to know? We'll talk about 'revving' up your metabolism to lose weight and most of, keeping the weight off. And is it all about the number on the scale anyway? Let's bust some myths.

We'll also have some fun doing some hands-on label reading - what's the first thing to read on a food label? How can you even decipher some of the numbers on the nutrition facts labels? This can be so confusing. What about "front of the box" labels? "Gluten-free?" "Diabetes-friendly?" "Keto-friendly?" "Natural?" What about the 'traffic light' symbols on packaged foods? Are they accurate? How can you tell?

Finally, by request, we'll learn about the difference between a 'calorie' and other measures of energy, including the kilojoule, featured on packaged foods in Ecuador.

All the money you donate to attend the class is donated directly to Helping Kids In Ecuador (HKIE) and to the Sustainable Soup Kitchen. Michael Soares has generously donated the room and the technology, and will provide printed copies of my slides. Please email or call him to let him know you're coming, so he has some time to print enough. Food and beverages (delicious and nutritious) will be available from the Vegetable Bar. And thanks.

Wednesday, April 24, from 4:30 to 6 PM, $10, The Castle, 3 de Noviembre downriver from the Broken Bridge., Cuenca.

Susan Burke March: 098 935 8169. Call after: 9 AM.