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"The biggest wooden spoon in the world" initiative

Dear Friends.

With the objective of potentiating tourism in the Austro region and rescuing artisan wood work from our rural people, Restaurant Corvel in conjunction with the Tourism career and the Department of Communication and Research of the American College Instituto Tecnológico Superior, and the support of Frutilan, with the artisans of the cantón Paute, we have undertaken the project: "The biggest wooden spoon in the world", in order to enter the Guinness World Records. The spoon will have measurements of 20 meters long, 5 meters wide in the spoon bowl, surpassing the current record that measures 17.79 long by 1.5 wide in the spoon bowl, which is in Asia.

We are requesting your support for this project and your assistance through the Institution that worthily represents it; join us in this initiative.

This project has no other purpose than to value and rescue the work of our artisans who subsist in this trade; generating work, development and a better quality of life, strengthening tourism in the region and the country. $11,000 will be invested in the registration and construction of the spoon for which we have generated a plan of financing compadres of the wooden spoon with the goal of awarding 500 compadres y comadres, and their names will be placed on a totem located next to the wooden spoon. In order to generate a culture of transparency, the second notary of the canton Paute, Dr. Luis Alberto Lozano, has been appointed as external auditor. He will attest the resources collected will be used faithfully for this cause.

The presentation of the wooden spoon will take place at a cultural gastronomic event that will be held in the cantón Paute, to be announced at a future date. You will all be cordially invited.

Waiting for a favorable response, we recognize and thank your contribution in projects that benefit the most vulnerable people in society.


Patricio Coronel
Project coordinator.

For your convenience, a deposit can be made at the Banco del Austro:

Banco del Austro
Cuenta Ahorro N• 1300513308
Patricio Coronel
Cédula N• 1103156756
Celular N• (593) 99 684 9093

Chef Patricio Coronel: 099 684 9093. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca