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Recommendation for Joseph Guznay, visa facilitator

I wanted to highly recommend Joseph Guznay as a visa facilitator. It doesn't matter where you are in Ecuador, he can get the job done from Quito. This was, by far, the easiest visa process we've ever experienced. My husband and I have been in Cuenca for over 2 years by way of the T-3, 3 month extension then a 6 month tourist visa. We did those on our own and although we did get it done both times, it was a nightmare to deal with the Ministry office in Azogues. As the laws are always changing, the process we had done before was not an option anymore.
We wanted to get a 2-year temporary residency visa but it looked like we didn't qualify for any visa options. Also, we knew the process was not as easy as getting the 3-month extension and the 6 month tourist visa and we were already stressing thinking about having to do it ourselves and go back and forth to Azogues. That's when we decided we wanted professional help. We asked a couple of facilitators about our situation and they were not sure we could qualify for a visa. I looked up recommendations here on GringoPost and found a few including Joseph. I emailed the ones I found and Joseph was the first response. We told him about our situation and he responded that yes, we could qualify for a visa, how we qualified, his fee, what that included and that he could help. His fee was one of the most reasonable ones we found at $500 per visa which included all translation work and notaries. We decided that his confidence in his job and knowledge showed he knew what he was doing. We hired him and he gave us the detailed list of documents we needed. We sent him the documents to Quito from Cuenca using Servientrega. He stayed in constant contact with us and always responded when we had questions. After we sent him all the documents, we received a message from him 1 1/2 weeks later saying our Visa was pre-approved by the Ministry in Quito but they have a new system and need to upload our pictures. This could take a while so he offered us the option to go to Quito to take the pictures at the Ministry office in person and walk out with the Visa approved and even get our cedula the same day. We had no issues going to Quito for this and that's exactly what happened. We arrived for our appointment at 11am. We signed some papers, gave Joseph our passports and he went and handled everything. We just had to wait while he took care of everything. We got called in for pictures and more signing and Visa approvals were done. Then we went down the hall to work on the cedulas - more signing, waiting, pictures and soon we had our cedulas. We couldn't believe how seamless the process was! Especially after having to go back and forth to Azogues for Visas with much less requirements and documents. We are so happy with his work! If you are thinking about hiring someone, then look no further! Joseph is your guy. He used to work with the Ministry, is well-networked and is up to date on all the laws that are constantly changing. He proved to be very professional and we cannot recommend him enough.

Address: Quito

Contact information: 098 747 3181

Recommended by Rhonda A: