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Recommendation for Dra Mariana Vasquez, ear, nose and throat specialist

I was recommended to visit Dra Mariana Vasquez after the hearing in my right ear was getting gradually worse and worse. She made an appointment for me at less than four days’ notice. I duly arrived to her consulting rooms and after a preliminary chat, proceeded to her very well-equipped surgery. Mariana speaks perfect English, and whilst my Spanish is not too bad, matters of health are always better dealt with in English in my experience.

An initial probe showed up all the glories of my inner ear on the large TV screen which there was in front of me. Fortunately, as Mariana explained, there seemed to be a buildup of wax that was the probable cause of my hearing loss. She very quickly hoovered that up and I was back to hearing 100% again in no time.

Mariana also gave me some ear sprays to keep the wax away, and advised me to come back in a year for a checkup. The whole process was quick, efficient, painless and Mariana herself a very kind and pleasant person. I would not hesitate a second in recommending her for any ear, nose or throat problems you might have. Her fees are very reasonable at $30 for the entire procedure.

Clinica Santa Ana Torre II
Av Manuel J Calle y Paucarbamba



PH: (+593) 7 281 4959
Cel: (+593) 98 481 3419

Address: Clinica Santa Ana Torre II, Av Manuel J Calle y Paucarbamba

Recommended by Alex Pryde: