GringoPost | Ecuador: Govinda’s Yummy Foods will be back again on Tuesday with the following goodies:

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Govinda’s Yummy Foods will be back again on Tuesday with the following goodies:

1. Samosas. Whole-wheat, cooked in ghee with either veggie-mix filling or spinach, feta, black olive filling. Also available with gluten-free pastry.
2. Tortillas. Delicious gluten-free, made from garbanzo flour, quinoa flour, yucca and coconut milk, fried in ghee.
3. Malai Kofta. Dumplings made from fava bean flour, grated cauliflower and potato, Indian spices and fried in ghee. They are marinated in a rich, spiced tomato sauce with cream.
4. Rajma. Famous Gujarati red bean stew with lots of caramelized onions, garlic, tomatoes, garam masala and other typical Indian spices.

5. Dahl. Rich, creamy soup made from panamito beans and yellow peas with lots of spices, ghee, tomatoes, fresh ginger, toasted coconut and cilantro leaves.
6. Pakoras. Classic Indian veggie fritters in a crust of ghee-fried quinoa and yellow pea flours with spices and sesame seeds. They come in cauliflower, red bell pepper and zucchini varieties.
7. Tamarind Sauce. Pure sweet and sour fruit sauce made from raisins and tamarind, beautifully spiced. Great on samosas, salads, tortillas, pakoras etc.
8. Chili Tomato Sauce. Freshly cooked tomatoes with caramelized onions and spices.
9. Horseradish Dip. Super yummy panamito bean dip with toasted tahini, garlic, lime juice and horseradish.
10. Boursin Cream Cheese. Famous French garlic and herb cheese spread. Made from cream cheese, ricotta, parmesan and butter with lots of garlic, fresh and dried herbs.
11. Honey Halva. Decadent super healthy sweet made from toasted tahini, honey and spices.
12. Wasabi Peanuts. Can’t stop eating, nose-tingling snack made with peanuts toasted in butter and panela, dusted with wasabi powder.
13. Sauerkraut. Authentic, raw fermented cabbage with unrefined ocean salt made the traditional German way.
14. Korean Kimchi. Raw fermented cabbage, radishes, carrots, shallots, ginger, garlic, onions and unrefined ocean salt.
15. Ghee. Fresh, homemade from top quality butter.
16. Chocolate Bananas. Dried banana pieces dipped in raw chocolate with panela. No additives.
17. Dried Bananas. Plain, dried banana pieces.
18. Gomasio. Delicious condiment made from toasted, ground sesame seeds and unrefined ocean salt. Great on salads.
19. Yeast Spread. Pure bakers yeast spread with unrefined ocean salt. Highly nutritious and rich in Vitamin-B complex.
20. Spices. We stock curry powder, garam masala, cilantro powder.
21. Dental Powder. Ayurvedic formula made with yellow mustard seeds, unrefined ocean salt, calcium carbonate, clove oil, grapefruit seed extract and peppermint oil.

Items 12 - 21 are always available in Tienda Nectar unless we run out.

March 19th, 11 AM - 3 PM, Benigno Malo 12-27 y Gaspar Sangurima just above Gaspar Sangurima on the left hand side, between a local narturalista and a lawyer, thru the recessed entryway.

Havi Govinda: 098 866 6155