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Committee for Pedestrian Safety (Cps) - Priorities

When our graphics artist, Lori Zabroski, completed designing our Respect Life bookmark and wall poster, we began to search for a printer. Upon arrival at Grafisum we were immediately escorted to the desk of Ing. Dora Cardoso de Duran, co-owner with her husband. After we explained the mission of CPS, to our surprise and great delight, to save lives they printed a goodly number of these bookmarks and wall posters at no charge to help us change the mentality of speeding, reckless drivers. According to media reports, Cuenca currently holds the record for the rare distinction of most pedestrians killed by speeding drivers.

We have visited the director of EMOV who has made many improvements on Ordonez Lasso in an effort to slow traffic. We have also visited the media; received responses to our letters to the mayor from the mayor's attorney regarding all he and EMOV have done with brochures the last five years. We agree these are important for changing drivers' mentality.

Yet we also urgently need traffic lights at certain crosswalks, especially on Ordonez Lasso, otherwise drivers will never stop for pedestrians regardless of street improvements. Ronald Zook would not have been killed had there been a traffic light at the useless crosswalk. Carmen Amelia Calderon Valdez was killed in a crosswalk cross town soon after.

Cuenca citizens should also be grateful to SuperMaxi stores, Commercial Manolo Flores, OroVerde Hotel, Ordones Lasso Banco Pichincho, Mt. Sinai Hospital, Centro Familiar Christiano, and many pedestrians who are helping distribute the RESPECT LIFE materials we hope to distribute to driving schools as well. However, the traffic lights at these cross walks are also critical. We are told only Dir. Jorge Moscoso at ANT can approve these. We submitted the requested letter for an appointment and hope to hear from the Director soon before other precious lives are snuffed out and their families are forced to suffer intensely and needlessly for years.

One Way to Save Your Life:

In the meantime, it is extremely important when you start across the street on Ordonez Lasso, that you not only look to see if the traffic light down the street is red and no cars are coming, but that you continue looking that direction for cars that enter from side streets, homes, and businesses. Dr. Zook says that though they were very careful to check the traffic light half mile away before stepping into the street, they did not continue to check for new oncoming other traffic. This too might have saved Mr. Zook's and possibly your life.

Committee for Pedestrian Safety

President Sylvia Zook

Contact CPS: WalkSafely@Outlook.Com