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Yoga gathasta

Gathasta yoga, Tuning the Instrument

The gathasta yoga is the previous practice of hatha yoga or energetic yoga, is characterized by the strengthening and purification of the body, the qualities required by a yoga practitioner for a gradual mastery in the practices of the asanas are: elasticity, coordination, speed , strength, power and cardiovascular endurance, body intelligence.

How can you get this optimal level in your body? It will be necessary to work gradually, learning previous techniques of purification, (kriyas), basic techniques to strengthen our breathing capacity, (complete breathing) strengthening of the respiratory system, psychophysical gymnastics for muscular toning.

Now your question is why I should practice gathasta and not hatha or ashtanga yoga, or any other yoga style, the answer is because this technique is structured and specialized for beginners in yoga, keeping special emphasis on the refinement of the body. According to ancient texts, you cannot enter into an energetic yoga, if before you have not worked on the purification of your body, the goal is to go step by step, since this could bring consequence in you, if we do not respect the structure, it is very important clean our nadis and energy channels, before entering yoga asanas and pranayama

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