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SuperMaxi and Schullo working together for better nutrition

Some time ago we were excited to fine Schullo organic rolled oats at SuperMaxi! (These are certified organic in the US with EC headquarters in Quito, with no chemical fertilizers, not just no chemical sprays.) Adding these oats to our diets, we saw appropriate lowering of cholesterol and blood glucose within a month according to lab values.

Now SuperMaxi has added Schullo’s organic steel-cut oats. Cut in 2 or 3 pieces, these oats rank lower than rolled oats on the glycemic index (GI) that rates carbohydrate foods on the basis of how rapidly they affect blood sugar (glucose).

Oats also contain undigestible, soluble fiber we all know is good for us, helping to maintain regularity, a healthful weight and lowering risk of diabetes, heart disease and some types of cancer.

Naturally steel-cut oats digest more slowly than rolled ones which have been processed comparatively extensively, e.g., steamed twice and rolled. Lack of processing means we stay satisfied longer after breakfast. I also add 2-3 eggs to my oats for adequate complete breakfast protein and even more nutrients and healthful fats.

Schullo guarantees no gluten on their equipment to mix with the oats as some companies’ do. They come in a can with a lid rather than in the bags of the rolled oats. The only ingredient listed is steel cut oats.

In preparing my steel cut oats I rinse with filtered water by adding about a cup and draining it twice in a small pan; then add 3/4 cup filtered water to 1/4 cup oats per person, and covering them the evening before cooking next morning for about 15 minutes before adding the eggs, stirring a few minutes more until they are just done. Incidentally, in my research of health benefits of oats, I have learned that the Irish eat oats in the evening to sleep better.

I simply wanted to let you know about this great benefit for health available now with a hats off to SuperMaxi for adding this to its line of organic foods. We enjoyed some Schullo foods in the US, and hope they will eventually become 100% organic.

Now...if I can just get SuperMaxi to move the organic, steel cut NO GMO oats down to within reaching distance as they did for most Cuencanos and a few of us gringos with the Schullo organic rolled oats (which they continue to carry for those who prefer those)...