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SkyFit March Fitness schedule

*No classes February 29th - March 6th. Happy Carnival.

Pilates "Strong to the Core" classes - March 8 - 29 on Mon/Wed/Fri at 10 AM. $56/month
Taught by Sky, professional Pilates instructor. This fusion class combines the best of all modalities of Pilates, lots of variety to challenge the whole body.

New Core Roll Class - March 11 - 27 on Mon/Wed at 8:30 AM. $36/month. Performing exercises on a foam roller activate deep core muscles, improve balance, coordination and posture, and strengthen extremities. When working on the roller you need to find your center of gravity and try to keep it under control challenging your balance and core. We will incorporate exercise bands and weights while working on the roll. We end the class by performing self-massage utilizing the roll and find trigger points for release.

Fit for Life/Fitness over 50 classes - March 8 - 29 on Mon/Wed/Fri at 11 AM. $50.40/month.
This class has it all, aerobic component, strength work, balance, core and abdominal conditioning, stretching at the end. Every class is different. Have fun and get fit.

Balanced Yoga - March 7 - 28 on Tues/Thurs at 10 AM. $35/month
Yoga Alliance instructor, Marianna caters to all levels and abilities. If you have trouble getting on and off the floor, a chair is available to do chair Yoga.

By appointment: Personal Training - reach your goals with one on one training with Sky
Small Group Training for you and your friends, pick your time and type of class.
Sport Specific Training - get ready for your special event, adventure racing, marathon, multi sports Active Injury Rehabilitation exercises for all types of injuries/surgeries
Back Care Programs to keep your back strong and healthy
Osteoporosis programs to safely increase your bone density
Fitness Assessment to see how you are progressing

Chiropractor and Craniosacral Therapist on Mon/Fri by appointment with Dr. Kathleen Bruce at

For massage therapy, reflexology and Rolfing you can make an appointment to see holistic healer Roosvelt Rojas on Wednesdays. Book through Sky

Sky Rajewski, Professional Trainer/Instructor & Trainer of Trainers, owner/operator of "SkyFit"
2019 Gringo Post Best Personal Trainer for the 4th year in a row.
Sky has masters of Kinesiology specializing in sports medicine and exercise physiology & biomechanics. In addition, Sky is certified in every facet of fitness, personal training, functional training, injury prevention and rehabilitation, Pilates, aerobics, step, spinning, 3rd age, pre & post natal, TRX & RIP systems, weight training, stretch therapy, cross fit, etc. As a trainer of trainers Sky has certified over 300 fitness instructors and personal trainers, over the past 37 years.

Sky is an international lecturer/educator/trainer. In addition to writing health and fitness articles, Sky has also written two books: “Safe and Effective Stretching Techniques”, and “Strong to the Core”, and several teaching manuals.

Over the past 37 years, Sky has trained amateur and professional athletes, and fitness enthusiasts. Whether you are a beginner or advanced fitness enthusiast, training for a sport or athletic event, or require an active rehabilitation program, Sky will ensure that you attain your goals.

SkyFit "Strong to the Core" Integrated Fitness & Health Center - Sucre 7 - 70 y Luis Cordero.

Sky Rajewski: