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Reiki healings with Erin Peacock

Reiki helps you to reach a deep relaxation so you're in a state of openness and allowing in order for healing to take place. Healing can take place physically, emotionally and/or spiritually.

The Reiki energy specifically stimulates your chakras (energy centers of the body). When your chakra energies are stuck or blocked, you will feel off balance in life or have health problems. Reiki gets the energy open and moving again so you're able to begin a healing process and maintain balance in life.

1.5 hour session $35.

- I begin by cleansing your body with palo santo.
- You then lay fully clothed on a massage table while I gently place my hands on or above various points of your body, concentrated on energizing the chakras.
- I end by cleansing your aura with my hands.

My clients consistently say how relaxed, calm, peaceful, and light (physically and emotionally) they feel after a session.

You can search for recommendations some clients have written here on GringoPost.

Available appointments this week:
Wednesday- 5 PM
Thursday- 5 PM
Friday - Anytime between 10 AM – 5 PM

Please see my website for more information:

12-30 Calle Simon Bolivar (between Tarqui and Juan Montalvo)

Erin Peacock:  096 060 4303