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Monica Gonzaga Facilitator services

I facilitate your life in Ecuador.

At this time maybe it is time for many of you to renew your temporary visa, and you do not know where to start or what to do?

Many temporal visa holders are wonder now, do I have to get the FBI and the State police report again? The great news is: you do not need to present them again to apply for your permanent visa.
According to a new provision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which is great news, the rest of the documents also will be valid.

Let's start by asking for your paperwork back, Not matter where you apply for your Visa, Quito, Guayaquil , Azogues ,Machala, . Yes, those papers you gave the first time when you applied for a temporary Visa. Ask me how it is done or better yet, let me help you in this process step by step without you having to bother yourself in anything. Avoid the hassle; let Monica handle all your cases. Hard cases, easy cases there is not a difference for the experienced. I have been doing so many successful visas.

* I remind you that to do this you do not need a lawyer and pay thousands of dollars. Save time and money. Call me now and we will start working on your case.

*Do you have to renew your CD? And is it in another city? Do not worry. I have the experience and I know how to do it.

Do you need to make a visa transfer from the old passport to the new one? Use my easy and fast services.

We also offer the following and very important services:

*Temporary (Tourist) Visas and Extensions
*Citizenship if you have more than 3 years as a permanent residency talk to me about it .
*C├ędula acquisition and changes, Lost (only permanent residents can replace lost cedula)
*Driving license (exchanges easy and faster, I know how)
Additional Services:
*Document Translation and Notarization
*Power Attorney (POA) Please do not pay thousands for this.
*Wills and End-of-Life Planning, for this you not need attorney trust the experience I have, plus we are working with the Notary #5 Dra Consuelo Carrasco the best attorney in town

Real Estate
*Help Finding Your Dream Property, Purchase or Rental, in and Around Cuenca
*Real Estate Agent Services – Let: Best Ecuador Homes find the best property for you or sale to the best price in the market.
*Purchase/Rental Contract Review - Avoid Scams and Get What You Pay For
*Find Land or Investment Property for Investment Visa I make that process fast and easy for you.

* I still do the Facilitator's task for hours to help resolve any problems you may have, just call me and see how we can help you. $15 per hour include transportation in the city one hour minimum, with no strings attached.

Plenty of recommendations can speak for me :

Gran Colombia 15-71 y Miguel Velez.

Monica Gonzaga: