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Important information for Bellgenica policyholders

I am Carlos Ramírez, owner of Blue Box Insurance Brokers in Cuenca. Although our company has been selling a variety of health plans for years, we have never sold a Bellgenica policy - but we hope we may be able to assist you in your Bellgenica problems.

I am writing this notice to give you useful and important information about Bellgenica. The company was at one point the largest seller of health plans in Ecuador and is currently in liquidation. We have received all of the relevant information from the government about the liquidation process. In addition, the government has appointed a specific person to receive problem claims or refused claims, claims without response, relevant correspondence including your cancellations - and to assist with all of your needs regarding your Bellgenica policy. That information is below.
1. First, if you had a policy with Bellgenica, you need to cancel your policy officially and not simply forget about it. When you signed with Bellgenica, you incurred a debt, i.e., your policy cost and your periodic payments under the terms of your contract. Because cancellation of your policy involves the cancellation of your debt to Bellgenica, the government will contact you after reviewing all of the archives and correspondence related to your policy and may decide that you still owe some or all of that debt to Bellgenica and you may have to pay that debt - plus taxes.

2. Health insurance contracts have automatic renewal. If you fail to cancel your policy formally, it would be assumed that you will continue with your payments according to your contract. Bellgenica’s financial problems do not automatically relieve its debtors of their liabilities.

3. If you had Bellgenica refuse a claim, or you submitted a claim which received no response from the company, you have the opportunity to re-file such claims and that process will be disallowed 20 days after the 31st of January, 2019, or, on or about February 20, 2019. The government has placed Ing. Ana Ximena Ruiz Illezcas in charge of the liquidation process. The office is in Edificio World Trade Center - Office 703.

4. If you need to cancel your Bellgenica policy, you need to write a separate letter stating your intention to cancel your policy immediately and stating your valid reason for doing so (poor quality service, unpaid claim, etc.). This letter should be addressed to

Ing. Ana Ximena Ruiz Illezcas
Edificio World Trade Center - Office 703
Cuenca, Ecuador

The letter must be written in Spanish (or correctly translated to Spanish,) signed and dated. Do not post the letter. Hand-deliver it to the above office and to Ms. Ruiz Illezcas. Of course, you will keep a copy for your records. Use the same process above to re-submit any problem claims from your history with Bellgenica.


Blue Box Asesores have been in business in Cuenca for almost 10 years. The Blue Box mission is – and has always been - to help our customers understand and protect themselves from all types of risk. Since our founding, we have been developing our expertise and professionalism so that our customers will always receive the best available advice from us for managing any risk.

Please, let us know if you would like our help with any part of the above process.

Av. Ordoñez Laso y Los Cedros - Montecarlo Building - Office 004 - Along with Produbanco.

Carlos Ramirez V: 098 246 5168