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Express Fluency Spanish Class- March 6-8

Thanks everyone who wrote expressing interest in a 3-day intensive Spanish class.

If you missed the last post, this is a completely different way of learning language and is perfect for anyone who struggles to speak and has not felt successful with grammar-based classes. We create a very light-hearted and entertaining environment with no pressure to speak-- so you can just absorb the language as a child does and let your brain unconsciously acquire language for you. You will be understanding and speaking before you know it. We use lots of different strategies and get you up and moving so the time flies and at the end of 3 days you are thinking in Spanish.

Here is a link with more info and registration:

$180 (or $150 each if you come with a friend.)

To learn more about our innovative approach to teaching language visit

CafĂ© Ă‘ucallacta, Casa Asvoria, Plaza Otorongo, Cuenca. (Thanks to our friends at Coffee Club Spanish). March 6-8 Weds + Thurs: 10 AM – 4 PM, Friday: 9 AM – Noon.

Elissa McLean:   099 312 4457