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Seeking pressure release valve for higher-end UMCO pressure cooker

I have a great pressure cooker by Ecuadorian manufacturer UMCO that I bought at Coral - Mall del Rio. The main pressure-relief valve that fits into the handle is removable/cleanable. It has a steel core with a plastic body around it. I dropped it on the hard kitchen tile the other day and the plastic broke into a dozen pieces. So I need a replacement pressure valve.

I went to the Cuenca UMCO "service center" as listed on the UMCO website the other day, located at Gran Colombia 16-88 y Miguel Heredia, which turned out to be a tiny repair store with very few replacement parts. I didn't have my interpreter/facilitator with me - because it was an unplanned stop - but with my limited Spanish, I could either make out or guess that:

1) He didn't have the part,
2) I should go to where I bought it and either
a) see if they have the part (I very much doubt it)
b) see if they can tell me how to get the part (also doubt it)
c) buy a new lid (I doubt they sell that separately)
d) buy a whole new pressure cooker (ouch), or
e) cry a lot just to see what happens

Has anybody happened to have been through - or heard about - this or a similar UMCO parts replacement process who can share how it was resolved?

Terry Roberts: .

City: Cuenca