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Recommendation for Isa Ochoa, Spanish teacher

This is a recommendation for Isa Ochoa, Spanish teacher in Cuenca Ecuador. My wife and I took Spanish lessons from Isa for almost six months. We initially took classes together but Isa quickly saw that we had different levels of existing Spanish skills. She advised us to take separate classes. I am 71 years old and retained some amount of Spanish from my high school days with occasional refresher forays into Mexico. I was way ahead of my wife in restaurant lingo and the language of walking around town. Isa knew that but more importantly she knew we learned differently.

Though English is the native tongue for both my wife and me, she knows the rules of English grammar where I don’t. The idea of learning the rules of conjugation, tense and the basic parts of speech in a second language while not knowing them in English was frightening to me. I hope there are not too many obvious examples of that in this writing. That is what my wife wanted; rules. Isa taught us individually and not at all similarly, our classwork changed from exercise and repetition to quizzes and on the street conversations, story-telling and writing. Our homework was always fun and different and based on real world requirements. We wrote of our lives in the States and in Cuenca, our families, our marriage our jobs. We studied in a manner that was consistent with what we wanted to achieve in our plan to visit and experience Ecuador and the rest of South America.
….three months later, my wife and I have returned to the United States for family and health reasons. We thought we might try Skype lessons with Isa while we were away. Life got in the way and so did our doctor’s visits and so did time-zones. Isa keeps up with us and checks in with us in Spanish. She is not letting us “back-slide” too much as we prepare to return to our adventure and before we eventually settle in Ecuador.

Isa is born and raised in Ecuador but has lived and studied in Spain. She has taught Spanish in excess of ten years. She is a published poet, writing in Spanish. I have met many of her students who speak a variety of languages from Germany, Switzerland, France and elsewhere. She is a remarkable and lovely person with a warm and understanding heart who loves to teach this beautiful language.

Address: Pio Bravo y General Torres

Contact information: 098 754 3260

Recommended by David Locke: 805 637 6137