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Recommendation for Dr. Jenny Karmim Meza, neuralgic therapy

Dr. Janny saved my life, really saved my life. I was having a heart attack and wasn’t aware of what was happening. It was not like any “heart attack” symptom I’d ever read about. I am a neighbor and at that time not a patient. She immediately looked at me and my vitals and called an ambulance. She speaks Spanish and I was taken to the hospital. She followed my progress and for 8 days visited me daily, sometimes twice a day.

Today I am her patient. She checks on me at least twice a day and sometimes more than that. She accompanies me to follow-ups at the doctor and interprets for me. She is a “care giver” beyond anything I could imagine.

Since I met her, I know of countless people, her patients, she has relieved of pain they have suffered through for years. One friend of mine had back pain so badly he could hardly walk and was taking numerous pain medications. He saw Dr. Jenny and today walks 6-7 miles pain free, without any drugs. There are countless others.

Meeting someone who cares about people as much as Dr. Jenny has been my biggest blessing living in Cuenca.

Address: Luis Moreno Mauro 2-92 y Fransisco Moscoso

Contact information: 096 015 5950

Recommended by Bob Wilkins: