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Pets adoption

A wish for Willie - photo available

Late last August, a small, black and white puppy showed up on our street. We have no idea where he came from as we had not seen him before. He had found a bit of shelter in one corner of the empty lot across the street from us and was so weak from starvation that we were pretty sure that he had found himself a quiet place to die. He was curled up there and was too weak to even stand up and run away when we went to help him.

We made a bed for him in our bodega and provided intensive care for 5 days. As he gained strength, he surprised us by trying to climb the stairs to the veranda to join our other dogs! We couldn't believe his courage since all of our dogs are much bigger than him.

A trip to the vet showed that he had been hit by a car some months earlier so he had problems walking because his hips did not want to help his back legs support him. Other than weakness from starvation, there was nothing that he wouldn't recover from. The vet got rid of his worms and his fleas. He can now run and play like any healthy dog. We had him neutered and vaccinated.

Needless to say, he was seriously traumatized by spending his first 7 months on the street, starving and being abused by humans and other dogs. We think he will be a year old in January. He gets along well with other dogs and loves being part of a pack.

Our problem is that Willie needs a lot of time and love to fully restore him to trust in humans. We have a total of 10 rescue animals that we feed and care for every day. Some belong to other humans, but live on the street and we care for them there, but most of them live in our home. This means that Willie just doesn't get the one on one time that he needs to blossom. He will now sit with us on the couch while we watch TV and he loves to have his belly rubbed, but he still shies away from being touched most of the time.

Willie needs and deserves a home with human(s) that have lots of time and love to give him. He's never pooped in our house, but he hasn't yet learned how to ask to go out. He's clean in the house if you either open the door to your yard or take him out to go pee every 3-4 hours. He's past the chewing stage, but still eats in starvation mode. He is crate trained at night. We lock his door when we go to bed and he sleeps the night through – he even enjoys sharing his crate with a friend to keep him warm. He's fully grown and weighs about 20 pounds. He loves to go for walks on the river. He's so terrified of being left behind that he will walk right beside you without a leash. He wears his collar without a problem and is having his first lessons in walking on a leash. He's not afraid of thunder or fireworks and he loves peanut butter!

He's a bit damaged as so many dogs here are, but he's made huge strides towards full recovery and he really tries hard! Please, won't someone out there with lots of time and love and fewer other animals to care for give Willie a forever home? Thank you so much.

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City: Cuenca