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Note from Mauricio Astudillo at Patán Rescue Group

Most of you who know me and Patán, are aware that in the last few years, the number of dogs we have taken in has steadily increased. Unfortunately, our operating funds have not really kept pace with our growth and we have had to struggle every month to make ends meet. We’ve recently had the good fortune to acquire the extended use of a wonderful property for relocation of our animal rescue services. This will help greatly with a substantial part of our monthly costs. This opportunity has come first with the major challenge of doing a fair amount of renovation and upgrading to the property to make it suitable for our animals. Coordination of all that has been necessary to accomplish the move, has been a major undertaking for me and the wonderful friends and associates who have lent a helping hand and their time.

I might mention that our GoFundMe page has had some success and I thank all you contributors that have been able to make a difference. We wouldn’t be where we are without your help.

Please understand that my time usually available to help those of you who need my services and facilitator help has been reduced greatly until this project is for the most part completed. I apologize and thank you for your understanding in completing this challenge, with the knowledge that once finished we will have such a great opportunity to further our goals for the care, health and adoption of our animals in need. I look forward to get back to again, being able to help you with my services and your needs. That goal is in sight and I will post for you when and as soon as I am available.

Note: we have an urgent need to have our dogs moved to the new place about 45 minutes outside of town. If you have or know of someone with a suitable truck or vehicle that could possibly help with this situation, please contact or refer them to us. Again, it would be greatly appreciated.

Mauricio Astudillo: 098 723 3698. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca