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Healthiest meal in Cuenca?

Could the healthiest meal in Cuenca possibly be found at EAT? The same EAT that serves that meatloaf sandwich with the melted cheese and fried onions? The one that serves the Korean style cheese steak and the baked macaroni and cheese with grilled shrimp? Impossible! How could the same place I get my gigantic, sloppy pulled BBQ pork and slaw sandwich claim to serve the healthiest food in town? Well right down at the bottom of the menu, hiding just below all that meaty, cheesy goodness are the Buddha bowl and the Paleo bowl. From you find yourself in a forest of tranquility as you savor the warm rice salad of the buddha bowl. The slices of sweet potato, greens cooked in garlic, the fava bean hummus, fermented vegetables, avocado and pumpkin seeds with a heavenly carrot-ginger dressing. While the table next to you is putting their mac and cheese on top of their meatloaf and talking football, you, my friend, have found peace, inside and out. The paleo bowl is basically the same thing, but with meat and without the rice. Same doorway to inner peace. The buddha and paleo bowls at EAT. Sometimes the best things in life happen in the most unexpected places.

3 de Noviembre 70 m down river from the broken bridge.
Monday - Saturday 11:30 AM – 8 PM
Sunday 11:30 AM – 5 PM

M-S 11:30 AM – 8 PM; Sun 11:30 AM – 5 PM. In the Castle - 3 de Noviembre, 70m down river from the broken bridge.

Matthew Blau