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Global Wellness Solutions (holistic health and psychological counselling

Silvana Spano, B.A., M.A. (counselling and holistic health) and Patrick Coady, B.A., CMT (Holistic Health) see clients online, as well as in person in Cuenca one day per week (usually Wednesdays). Silvana and Patrick, used to run the Cuenca Holistic Wellness Center for 6 years. They were known internationally as South American Health. Currently, they have joined the new Casa de Bienestar Natural health center. Their experience and training combine naturopathy, holistic health and counselling psychology. They support clients with a range of health issues. However, their specialty is age-related conditions, particularly: Inflammatory Conditions, Autoimmunity, Cognitive, Brain and Neurological Health, Mental and Emotional Health. Their therapeutic approach is holistic and includes education and therapies for recovery and prevention. Patrick and Silvana take the time to understand what is actually causing a particular issue/s. This can include an “optimal interpretation” of blood tests, which outlines in detail the various systems and organs that are dysregulated (accurately showing the person's true state of health). If you are experiencing an inflammatory condition, autoimmunity, brain fog, failing memory, anxiety, depression, insomnia, or have been diagnosed with MS, Alzheimer's or other form of dementia, they are available for consultations to evaluate your situation. Individual, couples and family coaching and counselling sessions available in English and Spanish. For more information on their practice and to contact Silvana and Patrick go to their new website at www.GlobalWellness.Solutions

Address: Cornelio Merchan 7-94 and Padre Sodiro (one block before 10 de Agosto), Cuenca.

Silvana Spano and Patrick Coady: + 593 99 590 4777 (WhatsApp)