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Committee for Pedestrian Safety goes international

A relative of a friend of a member of this committee was recently killed in a crosswalk in the US. Witnesses attest that this pedestrian entered the crosswalk when the walk sign was on and that the street was clear of nearby traffic when a speeding truck struck him as he neared the opposite sidewalk.

This pedestrian was in his fifties, a beloved father. His family is devastated. Our committee member here reached out to her friend in the US, showing her the bookmarks and posters, explaining what we have set out to do here. Like the members of this committee, the US friend of this CPS member has long worked hard to help others--the sick and poor, the homeless, helping anyway she can. She now wants to use the CPS bookmarks and posters there, and approach the city government about more driver awareness in honor of her lost family member, and to help save lives, the aim of this committee's members, and founded by Sylvia Zook, PhD.

While consulting her Cuencano attorney regarding widow's myriad legal obligations in EC, the lawyer said this is not a cultural thing as some were saying, or even just a Cuenca matter, but a national one.

The miracle of this is that the US city where that gentleman was struck down was the home of Mr. Zook for more than 40 years just prior to moving to Cuenca! This news impacted the family here greatly, knowing this good man was killed in their home town...and that their work here will reach back there, to another country, another hemisphere, to Hispanics and Americans alike.

Since Mr. Zook was struck down, three Cuencanos have also been killed by speeding drivers, two of them young. No, this problem isn't just a cultural thing, it isn't limited to just a city or even a country...and the good this committee, including important contributing business and community leaders, is far reaching! Yet volunteers are needed to spread the message for changing deadly mentality for that purpose.

May this effort continue to grow and save untold lives far and wide.

Committee for Pedestrian Safety