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Working with Nature: Creating a sustainable home - a lecture for all

Tickets now on sale for this lecture being held on Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Topics to be discussed during the lecture:
1. Waste management;
2. Making organic fertilizer;
3. Plant cultivation in general;
4. Importance of a healthy diet and active recreation

About the Speaker:
Ernesto Nicanor Lovato, an Agricultural Engineer and Commercial Engineer holds a Master in University Teaching and Educational Research, Master in Landscape Architecture and Diploma in Environmental Management. He has also studied specialist Gardening and Landscape at both the Universities and in the Municipalities of Hanover, Germany and Barcelona. Spain.

Throughout his career, Ernesto has taught at the Catholic University, University of Azuay and Universidad Politècnica Salesiana. At the Universidad de Cuenca he held the position of Director, Master’s degree program in Landscape Architecture.

Furthermore, Sr. Lovato was the Head of Cuenca Parks and Gardens (1969 to 2000) and until 2018, an Urban Planning Officer. He was also part of the interdisciplinary team, led by Archaeologist Dr. Jaime Idrivo U. in charge of landscape management, agroecology and vegetation at the Pumapungo gardens. Another project of importance was assisting Mujeres con Exito to create organic gardens on their land.

Among his published worked, Sr. Lovato has written articles about the Green System of Cuenca, the Botanical Garden and the Plants of the Parks and Gardens.

Date: Tuesday, December 11, 2018
Time: 3:30 PM – 5 PM
Location: Museo de la Ciudad (Gran Colombia y Benigno Malo)

Registration Fee*: $10 per person * 100% of the registration fees and donations received as a result of these lectures, go to Crea tu Espacio (CTE) to support the organization’s many programs that serves migrants and immigrants in Cuenca.
To reserve your seat, send an email to:

Send us an email to register.

Or visit us to register and pick-up your tickets:
Saturday, December 8th Sunrise Café 10 AM – noon
Sans Sebas Café 1 PM – 3 PM
Please email for address, if required
About Crea tu Espacio
Crea tu Espacio translates as ‘Create Your Space’. It is a legal non-profit foundation that has been serving migrants and immigrants for the past 9 years. Founding members Andres Astudillo, Anibal Bacuilima and Anita Saquipay (now in their twenties) saw the need to help migrants assimilate into the community.

Crea tu Espacio (CTE) has a variety of projects that assist infants, children, young adults and families such as daycare centers for working parents, activities that teach rights and responsibilities of Ecuadorian citizens, and a communications training course that builds confidence and competence.

Two weekly radio programs (one for children and one for families) are written, acted and produced by youth with Anita’s guidance. At least eight radio stations across Ecuador carry the broadcasts. In September, 2018 CTE was recognized for doing the first international radio production from Ecuador.

Crea tu Espacio has received some major awards:

1. In 2013 they received an award from Faro, a center for Ecuadorian public works. Faro is an independent, non- political group that is supported by the USA agency for International Development. Each year Faro awards 11 projects in Ecuador that are outstanding. CTE was chosen for its civic innovative work with children.

2. In December, 2017 CTE received a doctorate honores causa from Fundacion Honoris Causa, a foundation founded by the Mexican senate, for being ' an anonymous hero' for their contribution to build a better world. They were presented a medal in Quito as evidence of the honorary title of doctorate.

3. In September, 2018 CTE was recognized for doing the first international radio production from Ecuador. A well known member of the parliament, Ximena Pena, gave the award representing a joint agency of the USA and Canada.

To learn more, visit: Webpage:
Facebook page: Crea tu Espacio Cuenca

Museo de la Ciudad (Gran Colombia y Benigno Malo). Tuesday, December 11, 2018, from 3:30 PM to 5 PM

Jo-Anne Jackson