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Recommendation for Dra. Daniela Ordonez, dentist

If you’re looking for a dentist in Cuenca, you would find yourself in good, skilled hands with Dra. Daniela Ordonez. I found her in a roundabout way after going to a dentist who told me after a cleaning that I needed one crown replaced.

I was unfamiliar with this dentist, so I went to another one just to get a second opinion. The second dentist, however, told me I needed four crowns replaced.

That caused a dilemma because I didn’t know whose professional opinion to accept. I happened to be talking to a man who had lived in Cuenca for a number of years and he recommended I go to Dra. Daniela Ordonez for an exam to see what her opinion would be. He said he had complete faith in Dra. Ordonez and had been going to her for a while.

I went for the exam and Dra. Ordonez told me I needed two crowns replaced! However, she showed me on the x-ray that there clearly was decay on the second crown and it needed to be replaced. I felt that I could trust her and that this was the correct diagnosis of the situation.

In order to fit the second crown on the tooth, she had to perform a gingivectomy, or, simply, gum surgery, to fit the crown on the tooth because of receding of the gum. The only part of that procedure that involved any discomfort at all was the numbing agent she injected and that was done with a light, almost painless touch.

Not only did I feel I had found a skilled and professional dentist, she charged less for each crown than the other dentists would have. And I only needed two crowns, not four. Quite a savings!

Address: Acropolis Building. Jose Peralta Av and 12 de Abril Av. First Floor. Office 103. Cuenca, Ecuador.

Contact information:  (593) 07 410 3543

Recommended by Bruce Peterson: 099 109 4835