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Water kefir grains

If you love a healthy drink of kefir, but perhaps have a lactose intolerance or other aversion to dairy, have you tried water kefir grains?

They produce a delicious fizzy drink loaded with probiotics. There are tons of recipes and instructions you can find online, to alternate flavors and even make coconut water kefir. It's a wonderful alternative to sodas and tonics, w/o the preservatives, additives, etc.

Retail price is $20 for a 6-ounce batch of grains, plus whatever mule fees you'd pay. I have four 6-ounce jars to sell. Asking only $10 each. First come first served... please bring your own 6-ounce jar.

Especially with this 'flu season' coming upon us, (aka, the holidays), it's critical to have your immune system functioning at its peak. Kefir is an effective and economical way to do this. Check this site (or any other of your choosing) to see some of the health benefits:

Lowers risks of diabetes; Weight Loss; Promotes Immunity and Good Digestion; Fights Cancer, and many, many other benefits to this immune system miracle drink.

Making water kefir is inexpensive, easy and delicious; a whole month's supply of water kefir costs less than three days of probiotic tablets or supplements. And, when the grains proliferate, you can sell a jar and make your $4 investment back, while at the same time spreading community immune health!

Contact me via email below. Don't worry, if you don't make first come first served list. I'll likely have some more to sell next month - I can put you at the top of the list to contact when they're ready.

Best regards,

Theresa: .

City: Cuenca