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Self-defense device

Self-defense 1m volt stun gun/flashlight w/blinding strobe - functions as both a stun gun and a flashlight for ultimate self-defense: This is a USA made model self-defense stun gun/flashlight combo. I looked around Cuenca and only found the plastic Chinese version. This one is made of solid metal; it is compact and can be carried in a purse or belt sheath, it has a safety button on it and emits a one-million-volt stun to incapacitate an attacker. It also makes an excellent deterrent as the sound and sight of the electrical arc could be enough to deter any would-be attacker just when they see it and hear it. Also good for warding off aggressive street dogs. The flashlight itself is very bright and also has a strobing feature which can be used to blind or disorient from a distance. Rechargeable with a very long-lasting battery life, includes the charge cable and a case which can attach to your belt. Price is $80

Betty: 097 907 2087. Call after: 6 AM.

City: Cuenca