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Seeking people with experience in the field of service dogs in the USA


Maybe you have a history with one of the many USA-based service (working) dog support organizations involved in training, placing, caring for, and retiring service dogs. It may have been service dogs for the military, law enforcement, medical detection and alert, or search and rescue.

Or maybe you have experience with US breeders, trainers or breed clubs for popular service dog breeds. Or maybe your background is in rescue dogs, but you know a lot about the above as well.

I'm not looking to sell you anything. I'm looking for advice, ideas, suggestions, and perhaps introductions to others in the USA who would benefit from increased financial contributions to their service dog organizations.

I have a thirty-five year history in marketing, fifteen years’ experience in online business, and have an established online business related to this field, which I am personally passionate about. I am in the midst of re-focusing my current business model to directly help service dog support organizations and am open to all suggestions to guide the final form that it takes.

A wise person suggested to me that a few people with the experience I've described above must reside in the Cuenca expat community. Thus, this post. If the above describes you, make yourself known to me via email, which could lead to a coffee meet-up - on me - for a stimulating conversation.

I look forward to possibly meeting you.

Best regards,

Terry Roberts: .

City: Cuenca