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Recommendation for PhysioGym, physio therapy

Earlier this year I tripped on the street shattering my right wrist and damaging my shoulder. I received prompt and professional emergency care from IESS. Follow up appointments, however, involved long wait times and a certain level of frustration. I could have used IESS for my follow up therapy, but I judged the return of full usefulness of my right arm to be a value worth paying for.

For physio therapy, I choose to use the English-speaking practitioners at PhysioGym. I found them to be careful, attentive and knowledgeable. Without their expertise I might still be experiencing reduced range of motion and pain. Instead, eight months later, I am fully recovered and working out regularly with Nico, the personal trainer at PhysioGym.

Do not let your reduced range of motion become permanent, contact PhysioGym for a consultation.

Address: Aurelio Aguilar 2-97 y Federico ProaƱo Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information: 07 288 8088

Recommended by Dana Dwyer: (07) 288 8088